Proposed Site

The Solar Farm would be located in the locality of Wallaroo adjacent to the New South Wales (NSW) / Australian Capital Territory (ACT) border. Identified as Lot 1 DP544209 and Lot 2 DP602262 as shown in Figure 1. The total area of the site is 391ha. An overhead transmission line would connect to the Canberra substation. The current access is via the Bicentennial National Trail, which connects Wallaroo to Dunlop. The nearest major road is the Barton Highway, approximately 7.5 km north east of the site.

Renewable Energy, Solar Farm in Wallaroo ACT

Timeline and Lifespan

It is planned for construction to commence in 2023 and would be completed during 2024 subject to the appropriate approvals. Construction of solar farms is a fairly quick process, with minimal excavation or noisy work involved. Construction of the Wallaroo Solar Farm, would need excavation of cable trenches and securing of the mounting system into the ground. Panels would then be placed onto the mounting systems and are connected via cabling to inverters and the onsite substation.

Our Community

As we are passionate about being an active part of the community and should the solar farms be approved, we propose to set up a Community Benefit Fund to contribute to the social and educational elements of the region. We are currently establishing appropriate policy and guidelines that will govern a Community Benefit Fund that will ensure funding decisions are made in a transparent way. Key trusted local community representatives will be selected as an integral part of the decision making for grant applications.

The project will contribute a 1 off payment of $150,000 at commencement of construction and a further $50,000 per annum (minimum) towards a grants scheme that will be focused on creating opportunities for education about renewable energy, agricultural practices, environment, and sustainable farming. These can be but are not limited to:

Funding for school scholarships
Support go nature kids and shed hands on
experience with solar run products
School science and engineering programs
based around renewables
School facilities where they pertain to
improving the environment or providing
platforms for solar and energy use
Local community groups and projects
Local environment groups and projects

Renewable Energy, Solar Farm in Wallaroo ACT
Renewable Energy, Solar Farm in Wallaroo ACT

About Renewable Energy

Renewable energy represents the lowest-cost type of new energy generation that can be constructed and currently contributes to 32.5% of total electricity generation in Australia ; 12.3% of which is generated by large-scale solar PV (CEC, 2022). Projects like Wallaroo Solar Farm support long-term and sustainable policies such as the Renewable Energy Target and the Net Zero Plan Stage 1: 2020 – 2030. They have the potential to benefit household electricity bills substantially and reduce power disruptions by providing alternative generation sources for the energy sector.