About Wallaroo Solar Farm

We, at New Energy Development, are reaching out to inform you about the Wallaroo Solar Farm (100 MW AC), a new exciting development proposed in the locality of Wallaroo adjacent to the New South Wales (NSW) / Australian Capital Territory (ACT) border, refer to the Figure (red outline) above. Once operational, this project would feed electricity into the transmission network and be capable of producing enough clean renewable energy to supply approximately 48,000 NSW and ACT homes.

The Wallaroo Solar Farm is a joint venture project being proposed by New Energy Development and Univergy International.

The overall site for Wallaroo Solar Farm (the Project) is approximately 391 hectares with the solar array proposed to occupy approximately 209 hectares. Refer to the attached newsletter for more information about the project. 

A number of high level studies have already begun which will provide in-depth consideration of biodiversity, cultural heritage, visual amenity, noise, traffic, soil and socio-economic reporting. These studies will be progressed as part of a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) which will be submitted with the planning application and also made available for public access.The preliminary investigation findings are presented in the Scoping Report, which is on public display at https://www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/major-projects/projects/wallaroo-solar-farm.

We are committed to a project that is responsive to the site and community in which it is located. As future neighbours of the proposed project, we would appreciate the opportunity to address any questions you may have and incorporate your feedback into our project development.

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About the Developer

“The Wallaroo Solar Farm is a joint venture project being proposed by New Energy Development and Univergy International.
New Energy Development is a renewable energy centric enterprise with operations in both Australia and South East Asia and the key market segments it operates within are;
Utility Scale Solar Farm Asset Ownership, through its first acquisition in December 2019 of a Solar Farm having a capacity of 4.77MW.
Solar Farm Project Development, in Australia New Energy Development is currently involved in the development of twelve large scale solar farms with a combined generation capacity of 1.97GW.
Univergy is a Spanish-Japanese renewable energy developer company established in 2013 with presence in 18 countries and with a focus on integration and new business ideas. Univergy has developed in Japan over 1GW in solar projects and is the developer in over 2.6GW of solar projects worldwide. Univergy is also active in commercial and industrial roofs, agricultural applications of solar energy and has a R&D department promoting solutions that takes into account sustainability and renewable energies.”

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